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Get to know us | Symbolic Discoveries

Symbolic Discoveries is a digital platform to travel the world and shape it to the taste of your curiosity, focused on showcasing valuable ideas and buying or selling added value products.

From a network of small producers, scouts, storytellers, product lovers and travelers, we gather the best and most unique products we can find to bring them to the largest audience possible - to bring them to you. Or to bring them from you to the world. Let us know what’s out there: tell us the story of a special product you love, put us in touch with a remarkable producer or bring us your products to trade.


During our travels, we find stories that surprise us. Because of a product or because of its producer. Because of tradition or because of the innovation it brings. Because of its process or because of the end it reaches. Listen and Tell


Each story has a unique flavor. It’s in the ingredients or in the benefits. It’s in the intensity or in the subtlety. It’s in the rarity or simply in a craving. Try and share


Everything you find here is product of a good story. For the possibility of buying a story or selling yours. For the discovery and the exclusivity. For quality and price.

To curate with the will to go beyond. Buy and sell


THE FOUNDERS - The Symbolic Discoveries’ origin story