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Independence Day

Your Independence is your Identity.
Celebrate it with Madeira Wine.

Madeira Wine has been the toast and taste of Independence since it was first used by Thomas Jefferson to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Celebrating Independence is about the special moments of everyday life which gain added meaning when acknowledged.


Product Characteristics

Medium Dry - 5 Years - Tinta Negra - Madeira Wine

750ml Vol

Alc 18%

From the affirmation of a new country to the affirmation of your Identity

The first time is the beginning of independence.

The first time you crossed the line.

The first jump in the dark.

The first time you made yourself heard.

And the first time you really heard yourself.

The first time you played pretend.

The first time you made history.

The first time you wore your heart on your sleeve.

And put yourself on the line.

The first time you planted your roots.

And the first time you reached the top.

Your independence is your identity.

Celebrate it with Madeira Wine.


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