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From helping others make their visions come true to turning their own into a reality

Symbolic Discoveries’ inception story sets the tone for the stories it seeks to tell


Adriana and Maurício have dedicated most of their life’s work to helping make other people’s dreams come true. They have been enabling and empowering the entrepreneurial people who come to them with a project which needs help getting funding for a long time. This makes for unrivaled analytic (and also creative) minds – and for the cumulation of knowledge on what makes something special work.

Having had so many projects with real potential pass through their desk, a seed of a dream of their own started forming. Being Madeira Island original (and special) products themselves, they found that there was something missing in this landscape of new businesses – something they felt was essential: a project to help value the invaluable products of their home island, a project to help them reach the world in an innovative and modern way.

It was so obvious to Adriana and Maurício that this needed to be done, considering the incomparable quality and, otherwise almost immeasurable value of the products they had grown up getting to know and love; considering how easily the products from other parts of the world were reaching their own radar with even more ease than those they could find a few minutes from their own house. The team decided. And, as the poem goes: “God wants, Man [and Woman] dreams and the work is born”*. Symbolic Discoveries came to be.

Understanding that stretching limits would be part of the DNA of whatever these two would build, Symbolic Discoveries became the home, stage and launching pad for all kinds of special products to be valued, for all kinds of valuable products needing help to reach the world, from wherever they may come.

Focusing on the stories and particular knowledge these products might hold and on the best way to have that truth reach the world, the inklings of an ambitious brand started forming. It settles on the restless drive of people to Tell, Try and Trade on delicious and unique products heralding from a variety of experiences and geographic locations.


*(O Infante, Fernando Pessoa)